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NNGHHH art rant - upd

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 10:42 AM

i diDN'T EXPECT SO MANY COMMENTS ON THIS WTF where did all of you come from??
;o; i want to reply to each and everyone of you individually but i'm not sure my physical abilities will allow me to do that lmao, but i will try!! haha sorry
thank you all so very much for your support! i've read carefully each comment (and notes, too :^) ) and they all are really helpful and encouraging, i just, can't thank you guys enough aaahh ;-; :heart:
and those of you who went through the same thing or is currently expiriencing it, - hang in there, I know you can do it just DO IT!!! by ZoraSteam just keep swimming and try new things!
i guess i'll just have to keep doing my thing while trying new things, i just kinda got lost at some point.


so i went to this animation college with my cartoon dragons
and at the college they said 'cool but is that all you can do?' and i said 'yes........' and it felt kinda sad

the sad was increased by seeing so many talented people around me creating such a beautiful art, so different and colorful and so very imaginative, with a lot of creativity and story behind them.. I felt that's something i lack. a lot.
seeing all these people with their beautiful detailed settings, with their many charatcers that they did not only just come up with, but they put their soul in them. they live them, they can talk about them for days non stop and their eyes will burn with passion. they're having fun creating different stories for them, and they're happy with that.

not only that. If I want to run a career in animation, cartoon dragons obviously won't take me anywhere lol

i just look at these people with my empty head and ask myself: why this
am i not enjoying the creativiry process? probably because i lack expirience? maybe i seem to miss something?

there's also this problem:
people read/watch something, a lot of stuff. anime/videogames/tv shows/books/comics/cartoons/all kind of that stuff. that influences them and they get inspired.
But I'm, idk, too lazy for that??????? I seem to lose interest VERY quickly, even if I find reading/watching smth entertaining.

am I just lazy?? not interested in anything?

or maybe I forgot how to do it? maybe it's a part of this 'growing up' stuff? (which sucks)

i want to create worlds, i want to live them, but my ideas seem just boring, i can't hold on to them for long.

i want to do other stuff than dragons, but i'm not skilled enough in anything other than that. i'm in this deep artistic search (not art block b.c. i'm constantly drawing something, practicing, i just don't show that coz it's ugly and it's nothing for now, no style, no soul in it).

driven by this kind of thoughts i've been improving a lot during last year, maybe not artistically but mentally-artistically, you know, the artistic thinking and all, and I hope I'm on the right trail. I've met many cool people that inspire me.

has anything like this happened to anyone? how did you survive?? maybe you have any advices on that issue?

oh my GOD I'M SO SORRY my writing is messy and I think I missed a few thoughts i wanted to talk about

one thing for sure: there is no way i'm dropping drawing these silly ass dragons coz it's too much fun and they hold a dear memory to me.


draktau's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
some animation student who likes to draw cartoon dragons

If you have any questions, just drop me a note.
Critique is also welcome!




MY PC BROKE ;^; for now I can't do art and I'm suffering (yeah like I was doing much digital art at all lately eehhhh)
Sorry to those who I owe art ;-; I will fix it soon!

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Following up what I said in your journal, I want you to know that I LOVE YOUR ART and I'm going to support you no matter where you choose to go with your art now. And if you ever want some advice or inspiration I can totally hit you up with some sources that I use/whatever floats your boat HAHAHAHAHAH :laughing:

But ye seriously I love your art :peace: I've seen you around on dA and I can't believe I haven't watch you yet -n-' I kinda drifted away from the dragons crowd, so I know exactly where you're coming from and yeeah....XD So just. Keep up the good work. Be yourself. Eat pancakes. :heart: 
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HEY im not sure if i'm right, but I feel like there'a song you might really like??
It's called Youth and it's by Daughter and here's the link if you wanna check it out ~…

it kinda reminds me of your drawings
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Imaginaful Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  New Deviant Student General Artist
Your art is amazing! I love your style and the expressions you draw  on your characters are awesome. Thanks for being so inspirational! La la la la :happybounce: Love I am a dummy! 
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hey girly~
do you by chance have a reference or colours of Tau's new design? c: (with all the red n stuff)
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